New Inavder Zim Figures – Tak and Eric the Blob!

The day I found out that Palisades was picking up the Invader Zim license was a very good day in my life. (I’m very easy to please) The sun was shining… The birds were singing… At least in my head they were.

Alternately, the day I found out that Palisades was going out of business after only producing 2 waves of my prized figures was very bad day. Up to that point, I had hunted down all the variants (which were plentiful through the Hot Topic chain) and purchased the exclusives from the Walk of Doom and Germs. I even had the box set of wave 1 with variant paint jobs and/or heads. Yes, I have lots of Zims, GIRs, and Dibs!

I decided that I needed to carry on the line. I had dabbled in sculpting a few years back when I made some custom HeroClix figures of Invader Zim, The Flaming Carrot, and The Maxx. I had to try! So based on some supply advise I had heard, I picked up some Sculpey modeling clay and gave it a whirl.

My first creation was Eric the Blob. I thought he turned out pretty good and looked even better once I painted him. Here are some nice fuzzy pictures for you to squint at. Click them for larger views…

After that, I decided (for some unknown masochistic reason) to try something a bit harder. Tak from Tak the Hideous New Girl was my choice in her human disguise. Skinny, lanky, big head, odd shapes, and all. I almost threw it at the wall a few times, but when I was done I was again very pleased and even decided to add in Mimi, her SIR unit. Again, click for larger views…

So there you have it! I made these two a few months ago now and REALLY need to get back to it. I was dabbling with the idea of making some non-Zim figures, but I’ve decided to stick with what’s been working for me. So to all 3 of you who read this, please do either or both of the following. Tell me what you think of these two. Tell me what character(s) I should focus on next.

Bring it on!

3 comments to “New Inavder Zim Figures – Tak and Eric the Blob!”
  1. Martin Streicher

    Love the custom toy on custom toy lab.

  2. Thanks Martin! 🙂

  3. How about Tak as an Irkin?

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