Making Progress

I’ve made some progress just getting WordPress set up and really like how many plug-ins and widgets are available. My personal sites have always been build by hand and I’m not use to relying so much on a pre-designed system, it’s been a challenge to just let go and not freak out that I can’t change little things…

I’ll be working on getting more of the content from the old moved over to this layout.  Then I can start getting use to the idea of posting on a regular basis and wow you all with my incessant babbling.

It’s early in the re-design process so I’m really not sure how this will turn out.  In the meantime, throw me suggestion if want.  I’m (obviously) using WordPress, so if you’ve got plugin or widget suggestions I’d love to hear from you too.

For now, enjoy taking a look through the invader zim sculptures, my first attempts at coloring with Copic markers, and other goofy comic art I’ve posted on my ComicSpace account…

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