Website Statistics and Cartoon Jalapeños

I just love website statistics. Of course, at work I have access to some wonderfully granular stats for FurnitureFind, but even for my humble little site here using Google Analytics I have access to some free and at times intriguing stuff. For instance, I just got my site back up and running just over a month ago and already during that time people from these 22 countries have visited in order of quantity of visits – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Philippines, Egypt, Australia, Ukraine, Israel, South Africa, Uruguay, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, New Zealand, Lebanon, Japan, France, and Poland. Even further, I see that these visits were split from 155 different cities (someone from Dublin really likes my site!) That just mystifies and at the same time excites me.

Then you get a glimpse in to *how* some people find your site. For instance, I saw today that someone came to my site from Google after searching for “how to draw a cartoon jalapeno”. Now I know that I’ve never written anything about drawing cartoon jalapeños before, so I went to Google myself to see what happened.

Sure enough, on the second page of results, there’s a listing for this site that reads…

Augie Bytes
I tend to draw in a comic/cartoon style most of the time. I feel more free to draw that way because of not …. Jalapeno Poppers too!!! Leave A Comment » … – 45k – Cached – Similar pages – Note this

Those words are from two very different posts that were written years apart, but somehow they got mangled together in the mind of Google, and there you have it.

Well, that’s enough rambling for today, I must go mow the lawn! We have company from Arizona coming tomorrow…

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  1. Heh… you’re right, sometimes google interprets pages weird. For example, I got here doing the search “Obsessive Website Statistics”. 🙂

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