I’m now officially one hour in to the 33rd anniversary of my mother’s pain.  Apparently I had a huge head when I was born…

For those who may not know, I don’t actually celebrate my birthday, but that doesn’t mean I don’t recognize the fact that another year has passed…

Old “and” Unemployed…   Woot!

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  1. So how did the interview go?

  2. Yeah… how did it go, old man? haha. what a birthday. friday the 13th… and last day of work. good thing you aren’t superstitious! wanna move to oregon? mark keeps dreaming of moving there….

  3. Oregon? What in the world is in Oregon that draws Mark??? Wait, I’m sure everyone from Oregon thinks the same thing about Michigan… Hmmm… What IS in Oregon? Do tell…

    Oh and the interview went well for a first meeting. I like the company and the job sounds like something right up my alley, just still not sure the pay will be there because the position is still being defined to a degree. That I’ll learn more about next week…

  4. oh, sheesh! don’t ask me what the romanticism that mark has with oregon is! he thinks that oregon, and perhaps montana would be the best places to live. he’s been working beside a guy who moved to middlebury from oregon because his wife’s parents lived in indiana. all the guy ever seems to talk about is how great oregon is… weather-wise, scenic-wise… even allergy-wise. i guess there is work similar to what they do about 20 minutes from the coast. i just can’t imagine being that far from family. i’m not doing well being less than 2 hours away from everyone.
    i hope things work for you. i feel confident that you will end up getting what you need… even if it may take settling for a less than comfortable pay (temporarily) while you wait for a job that will pay what you need. You are a smartie, not to mention great people skills… and anyone would be fortunate to have you.

  5. Hey Bobo! Don’t be too down, like Coco said anyone would be fortunate to have you. You just have to find the right fit. I know first hand how hard it is to find really good people. There are some things you just can’t teach – including those people skills. I think that is something all of us Fosse kids were blessed with from birth. We may be wierd but we can get along with just about anybody, or at least pretend to!

    Oh the Lola is Thia for grandma. I liked that so much better then Grandma, Granny (yuk) or any of the other ones. And of course Nana was already taken. So I printed off a list of international versions of Grandmother and this sounded the sexiest to me. (HaHa) The problem is I had already named my car Lola years ago so hopefully before it would confuse Autie I will have a new car!

    Being a grandparent is undescribable. You remember how you felt when your kids were born. Its intense like that but even more so in some ways because this little person is a combination of that child you love beyond reason and you. I go a couple of days without seeing her and I miss her so much. But enough about me. I will be watching for posts about the job hunt. Love to all – including any other family checking out the posts.


  6. Just figured out I put the wrong email address. Hope this fixes it.

  7. Thanks for all the kind words… 🙂 Sandi, I love the Lola name!

    The job hunt continues. The local market does not look very promising though. Chicago seems to be the closest with the type of opening I’m looking for. The two coasts of course are bursting with jobs that I’d love to land, but I just hate the idea of living so far away from all my family…

    Ah well, I’m technically only in my third day of unemployment, so here’s hoping for something to pop up locally…

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