Chicago Trip – Part 2

Part 1 was the photos I took of some of the buildings downtown, so now you get to see the Art Institute (just a few shots) and the candid shots around town.

The evening we arrived, the Chicago Art Institute was offering free admission after 5:00, so we happily accepted. I hadn’t been inside in a long time and had forgotten how great it is. I’m only upset about the fact that I didn’t think to take any pictures until we were almost done. The furniture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright was one of the high points for me.


Even with all the great art and architecture around us, we did take a few pictures of each other too!


So there you have it, our trip to Chicago in pictures. Oh, but there was one more picure I took. I saw this guy with a rat stuck to him and I followed him with the intention of letting him know. But the more I followed, the more I realized that he not only knew it, but he actually seemed to like the little rodent… :p

Man with Rat

2 comments to “Chicago Trip – Part 2”
  1. you two are just sooooo cute together. it’s sweet. πŸ™‚

  2. wow! that β€˜rainy day’ DOES look like moranda. neat.

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