Random Acronym Image Discovery Project Unveiled

In the first of many entries to come, I introduce to you my Random Acronym Image Discovery project. Oh! I just typed that out and it makes a nice acronym of it’s own, RAID.

OK, here’s the skinny. I’ve been obsessed with Google’s Image search ever since its release. I got to the point that I would just type in random letters to see what I got and to my surprise, I ALWAYS get results. And I mean real matches too. There seems to be an in-use acronym (most of the time many of them) for every single random array of letters I can come up with. Of course this only holds true for a certain amount of characters. There’s not going to be a use for “GYSDRWMQQWR”.

So anyway, I decided to start sharing this exercise of randomness with all 3 of you who read this blog. So with no further ado, I give you…

HNFT – I’m actually a little disappointed in this one as my first entry, but I promised myself that I’d type randomly and go with whatever came up. In some cases, I come by some obscure society or some scientific study that fascinates me. But in this case, I just came across some odd images on sites that I couldn’t understand because of the language barrier. I didn’t even find a true acronym for HNFT, so this is a real failure of sorts. Next time will be better, I swear! No new discoveries today, but a few odd image gems nonetheless.

Today’s images start with a few crazy little cakes with wrestling dudes and lions and such. We then find ourselves looking at the goofiest looking trees I’ve ever seen. I’m guessing that they are tortured during growth to produce these effects. We then get a beautiful (that’s sarcasm people) horse cake. HNFT must have “something” to do with cake in another language. We finish off with a close-up of a bug and two animated GIFs; one of some anime girl dancing in a mirror and one of She-Ra, Princess of Power! Booya!

So there you have it, a grand idea that has fallen flat on its face on the first attempt. But I will NOT give up that easily! I will try again and prove to you that there are some really interesting things out there to find in the Image Search Engines. I’ll probably even try some other than just Google.


These HNFT images were brought to you by Augiewan with the help of Google Image Search and these fine sites who have supplied me with these random image findings… (hope they don’t mind!)

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  1. the trees … i’m not sure if they fascinate me or if i’m appalled that someone would do that to the trees (and HOW? … no, i really don’t wanna know, never mind). 🙂

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