Do I bore you too?

So there I was yesterday at work, typing away on an email when I got an IM from Sheila that said, “your post are about as fun to read as I don’t know say “Financial Daily”!!”.

At first I just stared at it in disbelief.  Now I know that I can write an interesting (and sometimes maybe even humorous) blurb now and then, so I started to reason in my mind that she just isn’t all that interested in the stuff I’d been writing about so far.  After all, I’ve just begun using my new blog and half the posts are about the Inavder Zim gallery I’m trying to get moved over from my old site.   “That’s it! Silly Sheila just doesn’t care about Zim”, I thought to myself.

So I started looking back at the posts I’d made so far.  Nope, they’re boring…   :p

What’s going on?  I mean, the few that I wrote a couple years back were pretty good, weren’t they?  I particularly adore the recollection of my emergency appendectomy.  And what about the musings about my shaved stomach after the surgery?  If that’s not your cup of tea, what about my marshmallow-in-the-microwave pictorial study?  It’s all golden, right???

The truth is that those were fun to write because I was writing about my life and things I found oddly amusing.  I love writing, and all I’ve been doing so far is posting some pictures, adding some content, blah blah blah… 

So what now?  Well, to beat a dead horse a bit more, I need to finish the Zim gallery.  I must finish SOMETHING I started after all.  But after that, I’ll try to relax a little with this blog thing and just write about what come naturally.  What will that mean?  I don’t know, so there!  Stay tuned… 

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  1. Now THAT was interesting!! 🙂

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