I just know I’m going to regret naming this post like that because of the eventual search engine results this site will be part of, but there’s simply no better way to describe Nana’s obsession with half-naked sculptures.

It started as a statue here or there, but I snicker to myself every time the collection grows. So with my recent acquisition of a great new digital camera from Canon (yummy!) and the need to practice and get use to it, I took some shots while we were visiting to show that I’m not exaggerating. Truth be told, I love these statues and would take them in a heartbeat if she ever wanted to get rid of them…

Hope you don’t mind mom!

6 comments to “Boobies!”
  1. No you can not have the nudes! I want them. The obsession must be genetic because I love them too. And I have several beautiful sculptures, pictures and etched glasses (from the 1920’s) that are nudes.

    Love ya – Sandi

  2. I’m sure if mom ever wanted to get rid of them, you and I would be fighting with Coco and Jojo and Deb as well… 🙂 Guess I’ll just have to start my own collection…

    Love you too!

  3. You guys are GROSS! Those things are icky and Chloe and I go around counting them and making fun of Nana. She has more too!

  4. randi is right–you missed two of them—lol i just now saw this part of your site……. i’ll keep looking and maybe i can fiind more so you can all have one or two someday. 🙂 hugs and love mom

  5. now i’v found seven that you didn’t see 🙂 where are the michigan camping pictures ?

  6. Well, you’ll have to show them to me next time we’re down so I can add them to the gallery. The camping pictures will go up one day at a time. It’s quite a process when there are so many pictures!!!

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