Fun With Our New Camera

As I’ve mentioned in a few of the previous posts, we got a new camera. I’m having a blast using it and just figured out how to use the rapid-fire feature for action shots. We tested it a few time yesterday at Nana’s. Markus “the goof” was the perfect subject!

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  1. ha ha please don’t use this as blackmail for me when im older. i will probably see this later on in life, like at my graduation or wedding. haha

  2. who turned all the stumps over ? and did you have fun with that little bicycle? 🙂 wish there were pictures of your 30 pound catfish…….

  3. Markus is definitely my cousin! lol!

  4. Markus: Oh you bet you will! Those are the kind of shots that will ahunt you for the rest of your life buddy!

    Nana: I think it was Deb looking for crickets! You got at least a couple pictures of that catfish. Send them my way and I’ll post them…

    Randiroo: Yes, it’s in the blood. Don’t fight it, embrace it… 🙂

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