Buried Treasures

Being forced to switch computers is always a pain, but there’s one thing that always seems to happen (at least for me). I tend to stumble over files that I hadn’t seen in a long time. Today as I’m trying to reorganize my life after losing access to a company laptop, I found some little musical gems.

Through my teens and 20’s I was in various “garage bands” that never went beyond playing in a small room together and taping what we did with a small tape deck. So of course, everything we have is of horrible quality.

I should note that the one exception was one “gig” we had at our drummer’s graduation party. That was my first (and only) live performance in front of a large group. I was doing vocals and I learned right then and there in front of a whole bunch of people that you are supposed to loosen your vocal cords up BEFORE you start performing. It was horrible! I mean yeah, once we got through the torture of the first song I loosened up and it got better, but the memories of all that off-tune screeching that came out of my mouth at first will haunt me forever.

So the following are a few examples of our songs. The majority of these are from a period in the early 2000’s when I was in my last band called “Good”. We named ourselves that solely so we could go out on a stage and say, “Hi, we’re good”. Some day I’ll have to map it all out. What the bands names were, who was in them, what songs we did…

Here’s a few examples for now. REMEMBER: These are files of sub-standard quality!

“Blue Eyed Girl” is a song who’s music was written by Cory. It was really the start of the band “Good”. He had written it and wanted a vocalist who could write lyrics to his music. It was a bit odd for me because he already had a song title and I needed to write it overnight and record my vocals to it. He liked it I guess… 🙂 First is a full-band jam of the song followed by the version we did live. This was never a favorite of mine lyrically, but the song was fun anyway.

Blue Eyed Girl – Jam

Blue Eyed Girl – Live

“Snowflakes” was one I had written years back and it ended up fitting great with some music that Cory had written.

Snowflakes – Jam

Rodan is a song that started back in 1991 when I was in a band called “Millhouse” with Shane and Clancy. It’s a goofy song about a Godzilla beast called Rodan destroying Tokyo. Shane wrote the first verse, we put the music to it as a band, and then I expanded on the lyrics. First is the original as it was played back then, followed by “Good” playing it, and then with “Good” playing it live.

Rodan – Old Jam

Rodan – Jam

Rodan – Live

Sheila was a “love song” I had written for Sheila shortly after we got married. It was never meant to be sung as a rock song like this. It just sort of happened as we were jamming.

Sheila – Jam

The last two are covers we use to like doing. “Where is My Mind” from the Pixies and “Rythm of the Falling Rain” by the Cascades.

Where is My Mind? – Live

Rythm of the Falling Rain – Jam

That’s all for now. Hope your ears don’t hurt too much after listening… 🙂

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