Images From Days Gone By

As I was hunting through my hard drive for an image I needed for work, I came by one that I haven’t seen in a LONG time. It’s Shane and I hiking in “garb” we brought along with us on a trip after I graduated High School. This has always been one of my favorite images of the two of us and you can click for a larger view…

We were the best of friends through our late teens and twenties (my mom called us two peas in a pod), but somewhere along the course of us working together, worshiping together, and playing together, our lives took separate paths. I don’t think we talked to each other more than a dozen times during the last year we lived in the same town, and it’s sad that it happened the way it did.

Every now and then, someone we both knew asks, “Oh man, what’s ol’ Shemp up to these days?” and I quietly reply that I don’t know. I always get the exact same look, the one that you’d expect to see on the face of someone who just found out that a close family member died. I add that I haven’t heard from him in over 8 years. But you know what? He hasn’t heard from me either…

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  1. hey Augie, i hope that you find your friend again, cuz if losing a friend is always a hard thing to deal with, i know, cuz ive lost a few of my old friends, just because i went to a different school for 3 years. they’ve changed so much, and i feel like i dont even see a glance of the person that they used to be. so good luck if you ever decide to go find him.

    ps:this is funkeysworld from tse and this is the only other time that you’ll see my real name

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