Waiting for the Wall to Collapse!

So here I sit at work wondering if I’m about to fall backwards in to a pit of burnt building debris. Here, I’ve scribbled a little picture for you…

augie dies from falling building

augie dies from falling building

As some of you know (yes I know I completely failed to post about it) the building next to us was completely gutted by a nasty fire this past summer and now they’re finally clearing the plot. But as I sit here in my office I keep hearing the rumble of bricks and timbers and whatever else they are digging up over there. The building shakes every time they dig in and when I took a walk, I saw that they are literally scraping the old building off of ours!

You see, the buildings are in an old downtown setting and the walls are connected, which also explains why we were so worried our building would burn down too! But now my fear is that the big crane/arm/digging thingy is going to break right through the wall and take me out! And if doesn’t get me, I fear many of my office toys will perish… 🙁

2 comments to “Waiting for the Wall to Collapse!”
  1. hahahahahahaha……. i couldnt stop laughing at the drawing of you in your office waiting for the excavtor to come through your office wall. gotta love it. Not your best drawing, however really got your point.

  2. lol… I was wondering if anyone ever saw this post… it was a quick sketch, but like you said, I think it gets the point accross perfectly… 🙂

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