Oh No… It’s Snow!

A lot of people here in Michigan crack me up. With the first snowfall of each year, they start grumbling about the snow. They wake up to a beautiful white blanket of snow out the window and immediately become grumpy. They drop their kids off at school and they’re grumpy. They come in to work all grumpy. Many also seem to forget each and every year that the stuff makes the roads slick and they run in to things (and each other). I just don’t get it.

We are in MICHIGAN for crying out loud. If you really dislike the snow, why on Earth do you live here? It’s not Minnesota or Colorado and certainly not Alaska, but one thing you can count on here in Michigan is that it will (a) get cold and (b) snow. A lot. The specific area we’re in, we also get additional lake-effect snow from the lake.

I for one am not a fan of the summer sun for any length of time. I despise being hot. Therefore, I do not live down south where it is notoriously hot all the time. I actually like the colder weather up here. A perfect day to me is in the mid-60’s and sunny. Fall preferably so that I can enjoy the colors and the smells such as burning leaves. But I haven’t forgotten how to have fun in the snow. So once it falls and sticks around, I’m out with the kids throwing snowballs, making forts, and (although I completely missed out on it last year) going sledding!

Well anyway, I need to get to my work. Just had to rant a little since I just got the first wave of “I live in Michigan and I hate the snow” conversation for the year…

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