Catching up…

Great Googly Mooglies! It’s been quite a while since I posted and so much has happened. Here’s a brief recap:

I got a new job! Yes, that’s right, I’m employed once again. I have to admit that despite having a bit of a severance package, it was very unnerving for me during those many weeks. I mean, I’m sure it is for anyone that gets laid off, but this was a first for me. A wife and four kids to support, and this was my first time to be out of work since before I graduated High-School. But hey, that messy part of my summer is over and now I’m gainfully employed and ready to move ahead. I’m doing very similar work, but as the Director of Ecommerce for Epopus, a consulting firm within the furniture industry, an industry in which I’ve worked for almost 11 years via

The kids are back in school! All four of them are in school for the full day now and Sheila’s just now getting the hang of no one else being home all day. That’s not to say she’s alone. We have two super-cute little nephews (both living right here in town) that she loves being around and Sheila’s mother is also visiting for the summer/fall time period.

Married for 14 years! As hard as it is to believe that much time has gone by, we’ve been married now for 14 years. We love to include the kids in on our day, so we celebrated by giving the kids presents. (we exchanged ours the night before) Sheila and I followed it up this past weekend by spending a night in Chicago as we’ve made a habit of doing for our anniversaries. We had a blast, but I think we’re going to have to come up with something a bit more “unique” for the next one coming up. The big 15 is looming! 🙂

The new bedrooms are (almost) done! One nice side-effect from being off work for a bit there, was that I had some time to work on the girl’s bedrooms upstairs. I finished up the walls, we got most of the painting done, we got the carpet laid, and the girls have officially moved in their rooms. I now need to finish by staining and hanging the doors and doing the same with all the trim. I think that’s going to have to take a slight back-seat for now though. I really need to get the gutter re-hung on the back of the house and get the roof ready for winter. I don’t want any major messes like we had last winter!

Well, those are the big points. I’ll try to get back to a more regular posting schedule now that things have settled a bit. Come back soon!

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